SCOPE Workshop Series



The Scope Workshop Series materials introduced to the county project representatives have been made available on this website so that others desiring may access the data and presentations as well as have the option of sharing the content can sharing the content.


Use the dropdown menu below for each separate workshop for an agenda, resources, downloads, handouts or other materials and information.


Each of these workshops targeted local teams, partners and sponsors for the South Central Tennessee Region’s eight pilot communities as well as each of the 13 counties. 


There were specific efforts made to understand available shared co-working facilities and the possible funding sources to launch such facilities.


There were reviews of training resources that exist both for individual entrepreneurs as well as for organizations that hope to provide services for those business start-ups.


Capital funding sources and technical support services that exist in proximity to the South Central area as well as a special focus on rural, agricultural, youth and necessity entrepreneurs was an additional workshop topical area.