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Collaborative Work within the South Central Tennessee Development District

There are 13 Tennessee counties that comprise the South Central Development District. Each county has participated in this SCOPE project as a part of the growing network.

Counties committed to performing certain assessments and have attended a series of workshops in order to identify local needs and resources and to gain a better understanding of shared resources, grant opportunities and models of delivery that have worked in other areas of the country.

Project leaders and SCOPE Network members are working together to conduct a local needs assessment and design a plan for local service delivery to 8 pilot communities.

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SCOPE Project Launch Leadership Team 

SCTDD – Lorie Fisher, Community Development

USDA – Faye McEwen, Tennessee Rural Development

TNECD – Nancy Williams, Tennessee Main Street Program

TDA – Ed Harlan, Senior Advisor

TNECD – Brooxie Carlton, Rural and Comunity Development

Jones-Bridget Consulting Group – Dr. Bridget Jones, SCOPE Project Management Consultant