2020 Small Business Support for Rural Communities

Pathway Lending

Our Mission

To provide lending solutions and educational services resulting in the creation, development and growth of underserved small businesses, affordable housing and sustainable communities.

Education Referrals

We offer educational programs for businesses of all stages.

Clients attend virtually from anywhere in the state.

The Blue Sky Workshop is the first step – attendees where attendees delve into their business model and learn about the resources that are right for their stage of business

Turnkey Education Ideal for:

Communities with stretched or limited staff implementing new initiatives

Pathway Provides:

Trained expert facilitators


Marketing Outreach Kit-Co Branding

Relationship Management

Data Collection and Reporting

Turnkey Education:

Your organization provides


Connections to local mentors and SME’s

Training Venue

Our Approach

Hands on with immediate relevance and application to the business

Take the “Accountese” out of accounting

One on one technical assistance to support outcomes for client

Utilized trained subject matter experts to help clients continue to reach business goals.